Ten "Make More Time" Tips

As I sit here at my desk with my eyes hazing over from exhaustion, I think maybe I have gotten myself into more than I bargained for. I've just finished a 14 hour shift at one of my two jobs and to say the least, I'm not looking forward to doing the same thing tomorrow.

At the beginning of the year I had bought this incredible planner small enough to fit in any bag, but big enough to hold everything I needed to know, or at least that what I thought. It has become increasingly clear that I need a bigger planner... and more sticky notes... and a place to label when I can sleep. Between classes, homework, studying, two jobs, a work study, and a couple of extracurricular groups my "plenty of time" has turned into "not even close to enough time".

So, I decided I have to cut something because I value my sanity, but the real question is what do I cut? I have to keep my jobs because that's how I pay for the tuition here at UMR and I have to go to class and do everything that comes with it including studying and homework. So my only real option for cutting anything out is the few groups I'm in, which I refuse to do because I love them so much.

Maybe, I'm thinking of this backwards... maybe instead of trying to get rid of things that are taking up time, I'll just make more time. Here are a few ways to "make more time":

1. Don't wear shoes that I can't slip on.
2. Instead of making my bed, I'll just throw all my blankets in a pile on top of it
3. Eat breakfast on the go, who needs a table?
4. Color code my closet, so I never waist time looking for something
5. Walk just a tiny bit faster everywhere I go, especially class, that way I have time to do
things like check my email and grades in between
6. Set out what I'm going to wear the night before
7. Run errands, like returning things to the library or checking on my bank accounts, on breaks
between classes
8. Always have quick communication tools (laptop and phone) with me for when I need to get
a hold of someone
9. Put the numbers I might need (like the post office, library, and financial aid office) into the
contacts in my phone so I don't have to keep looking up the numbers
10. Organize files on my computer into different envelopes that are clearly labeled

There you have it, my road to success. Never a minute to waist! Give some of these a try, they're super easy to start, and I think you will find that you will be more productive than you ever thought you could be!

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