Three Reasons Why UMR Stands Out

Hi everyone! I am Katie - most of you probably don't know me, as I just transferred to UMR this year from another school. I am originally from Rochester, and never even considered attending UMR because it happens to be in my hometown. However, after giving it a considerable amount of thought, I decided to make the switch for a few different reasons.

1. You can count the number of students on two hands... not really though.

UMR is a small school, the smallest of the U of M campuses, which I found very appealing. I find that having smaller class sizes eliminates pressure, making me feel more comfortable asking questions. Also, this way it's much easier to get help from the professors, and get to know the students in your classes!

2. UMR's got some top dog connections in a medical community.

rochester mn (visitors bureau).jpg

UMR couldn't have been built in a more prime location - neighboring the ever-famous Mayo Clinic. This is convenient for students to learn about medical opportunities and gain exposure to the healthcare field. Aside from the Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center is also in Rochester, and there are many other places that provide volunteer opportunities too.

3. It's ALL about healthcare.

I hope you like science and health if you choose to attend UMR! The curriculum at UMR is unique from any other school I visited when I was in high school. It's an integrative program, meaning that everything relates back to healthcare. Even if you're in philosophy class or sociology, there are many correlations related to healthcare. This is what I love the most about UMR because I don't enjoy taking classes that I have no interest in, but since I love learning about healthcare - everything feels more relevant to me.

So if you want to be a doctor like I do, you're in the right place! Good luck to everyone this year ☺

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