Saving Some Cash

My parents always stressed the importance of paying for college and made it clear that it was something I would have to figure out on my own. Here is the obvious truth: college is expensive and it's not going to get any cheaper. As many students know, the financial aid that comes from FAFSA helps, but it doesn't cover it all. There are still loans and living expenses and a myriad of other cost that have to be taken care of. Here are some tips:

1.Apply for scholarships!
a.There is never a bad time to get free money. Even if the application is thicker than the
dictionary it's worth it. Think about it this way, it's free money that you receive for being

2. Avoid private loans
a.If you do a bit of research it becomes painstakingly obvious that private loans are a
slippery slope. The more money you take out the faster the interest grows, and before
you know it you are getting billed for interest on interest. If you must take out a private
loan, make sure you are getting one with a low interest rate and that you understand all
the fine print.
3.Consider getting a job
a.This one isn't for everyone. You have to be motivated enough to work and go to class
AND get your homework done. It can get to be quite a bit to handle. I myself have two
jobs not including my work study. Its tricky and exhausting, but if you can handle it,
having a job will give you some extra money to save or put toward bills. Also, if you can
find one close to where you live and will work with your class/exam schedule that's even
There are tons of ways to cut down day to day spending like eating in instead of out, going to the YMCA for classes, swimming, or working out (no cost- its included in your tuition), or drive less and walk more. There is always a way to save, and when you feel stuck, ask your friends. Chances are they have some good ideas too. College may be expensive, but its more than worth it.

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