A New Way of Halloween

Halloween is an experience in Rochester I never expected. It is a huge festivity, and so much fun! This year me and my best friend Ashley were thing one and thing two from Dr. Seuss. I was thing one because I like odd numbers better than even numbers; obviously good reasoning. We spend hours shopping and planning and making our costumes. Key word: making. In Rochester, it isn't typical to just go buy a premade costume and go as that. You go all out and make certain parts and piece things together to make the whole thing a final item. Here is what we did. We wore solid red tights with tan boots. We found poufy, red, horizontal tutus to put over our red, ruffley bloomers. We then made thing one/two circles by hand to sew on to our bright red tank tops. We went to Claire's and found blue sequenced head bands. We added a red bow clip to the head band. This was our main costume... Main costume? Yes. In Rochester, you better have more than one plan as Halloween plans come up on the fly.
Thing 1 and 2.jpg

Our second costume was a zombie costume we wore at my neighbor's aunt's house party. We wore normal clothes but did our makeup super awesome with just normal street makeup and nail polish. The fumes from the nail polish burned our eyes quite a bit though, so be careful with that.
Halloween Zombie.jpg

Our third costume that we had in mind as a backup was for us to wear our animal print, footie pajamas. Not only were the costumes amazing, but there are TONS of activities relating to Halloween. There was the Kahler Halloween House, the Peace Plaza event, photo booth, and so much more. It really blew me away how much the city came together for this one day.

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