Calling All Commuters!

Hi everyone!

My apologies for my two month long hiatus - it's been a chaotic semester to say the least. I'm one of those people who over-commits, and transferring to UMR was no exception. It's taken me longer than I expected to get into the swing of things, and also getting used to commuting to school.

Students who live on campus have a completely different experience than commuters, as they are constantly surrounded by friends 24/7 and the university is right across the street! Whereas, commuters have to take the initiative to seek out the action. Here's a few tips I've found successful thus far to make the college experience just as enjoyable as living on campus.

1. Plan your day out the night before:

What are you going to wear? I swear picking out my clothes takes at least 10 minutes every night because I'm so indecisive. So rather than wasting these precious minutes in the morning when I'm already rushed - have everything already ready! Are you going to need to pack a lunch? I know in my schedule there are a few days out of the week when I don't have a big break between classes, so I pack a lunch to bring with. Are your assignments done? Never hurts to double check!


2. Know how long it takes to actually get to school.

Traffic is different every day of the week - plan your time accordingly. Running late? I tend to wake up to my very last alarm... so I quick grab a granola bar or make some toast to eat in the car. You'd be surprised how much time this saves!

3. Stay on campus!

You'll never make any friends if you simply go to class and jolt out the door to get back home... Is there any activities going on that you could stick around for? Have a break between classes? Hang out in the commons and do your homework. You just never know who you'll stumble upon. Not to mention, gas is expensive. I live in Rochester, but even making trips home between classes uses an unnecessary amount of gas. A great excuse to hang out at school!

4. Know where you can get help.

Everyone at UMR is so helpful, and always willing to answer your questions. There are help sessions/JustASK hours up the wazoo - take advantage of them. I know it can be frustrating that a lot of the help sessions are at night, which would involve making a trip back to campus, but trust me, it's so worth it in the long run when you get back that A+ exam. This also a great opportunity to get to know your professors on a more personal level, and it will really show that you are dedicated to succeeding!


College will feel like a job if you don't do anything fun. Get involved in any club or activity that sparks your interest! There's something for everyone here at UMR from intermurals to cooking club. This is a GREAT way to make new friends who have common interests, and also a great way to take your mind off of your schoolwork for awhile. God knows we all need a break every once in awhile!

Three weeks until Christmas break! You can do it!


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