Halloween UMR Style

One of the main activities that takes place on the UMR campus happens around Halloween. On Halloween we always have a contest run by the Student Activities Board. My freshmen year they put on a Halloween party that took up the whole third floor! That year they had apple diving (where people would try to grab an able with their mouth while they had vampire teeth in), pick the duck (where there were rubber ducks floating in a bucket and you picked one with a number on the bottom that corresponded to a prize) and plenty of food/candy. It is always fun to see everyone around Halloween time because the majority of the students participate in the costume contest, and are really creative with their costume ideas. This year we had students and staff dressed as minions, Muppets, purple people eaters and loofahs. The purple people eater won the "voters choice" category while "the many phases of Britney Spears" took the prize for most creative.

Halloween week is also a great time to do things with your roommates. My roommates and I spent the weekend before decorating the outside and inside of our house for Halloween, which I must say turned out pretty well. We also all got together one night and carved our pumpkins together. Word to the wise, DO NOT get a big pumpkin. Sure the big pumpkins look cool, but because they are so big they have a really thick wall which means that it is really hard to carve. I was going to carve Dr. Horrible into my pumpkin but because the walls where so big I ended up carving the All American Rejects logo instead.

For Halloween one of my roommates went as a stop codon with two other people (this just shows how much students at UMR love science), while my other roommate went as Agnes from Despicable Me, and I went as Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas. I cannot wait until next year to see all the new ideas for costumes.....I already have one in the making.

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