A day in the life of a BSHP student...

As BSHP applications are becoming available for UMR students, many students have been asking me why I chose the radiography program, what classes I take, and what the radiography program is like. So for those of you who are curious, here is a little insight into what a typical day looks like for a BSHP radiography student...

8AM: Lab.
For 2 hours each week I either come in early or stay after class for lab. Each lab is focused around certain projections and positions we have just covered in our positioning class. Lab is our opportunity to practice on each other and show our professors what we know and what we may need to cover again. We set up everything in lab just like we would if we had an actual patient, and are graded on how well we performed. The lab at the Mayo School of Health Sciences is energized- meaning it can take actual x-rays, although we never make an exposure on a real person in lab. Instead we are able to take exposures on "phantoms." A phantom looks like a clear mannequin that has bones inside. These allow us to see how accurate our positioning is without having to expose anyone to unnecessary radiation.

10AM: Radiographic Procedure Class.
The radiographic procedure class I am currently enrolled in covers the anatomy, positioning, and critique of projections that we perform in the clinical areas. These classes are generally divided by body part; for example this semester we covered different projections in the upper and lower extremities. These classes help us prepare for our clinical rotations of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

12PM: Lunch!
The best part of any college student's day.

1PM: Radiation Physics Class.
Our radiation physics class covers everything from how the x-ray tube works to the physiological effects of radiation. There is a lot of physics involved in radiography, but the instructors are incredibly helpful and are always available if you have questions.

2PM: Work Study.
After class I head over to my work study job assisting the secretaries of the medical imaging programs at the Mayo School of Health Sciences. I help them with various odds and ends such as sorting bones or running papers over to UMR.

6PM: Prepare for Clinicals.
As I previously mentioned, Tuesdays and Thursdays we spend all day in the clinical areas. Each week we rotate to a different area and are assigned to either a technologist or instructor. Our clinical rotations take us all over the Mayo Clinic campus, including St. Mary's and Rochester Methodist Hospital, the Mayo and Gonda buildings, and surgery. Each day in clinicals is a great opportunity to practice, learn, and try something new. At the beginning of the semester we are given clinical objectives that aim to reach by the end of the semester. Clinicals are so far my favorite part of the program because it allows us to implement and practice new things we have learned, along with interacting with patients from all over the world.

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