Memories of Fall 2012

Another semester has just gone by and I am finished with the first semester for junior year. I am still in shocked that I made it this far in college already. Only a few more semesters left before I walk out of UMR with a degree in hand ready to tackle the world! For this blog, I am going to relive the best memories that I have made this semester.

The first memory that I remember the most was making a new friend. On the very first day of Anatomy and Physiology, my friends and I walked into the classroom with smiles on our faces, excited to see how this class was going to be. The professors split the class into small groups. I was paired with two new faces that I have never met before. I smiled and I said hi. One of my partners reached his hand out and shook my hand graciously. What a great first impression! Over the next few days, we learned about each other and had great laughs. Up to this day, our friendship has become really strong. We helped each other make it through this semester by having study sessions together and motivating one another. Finding good friends is tough because you don't know who to give your trust to, but I am glad that I found amazing friends whom I trust a lot.

My second memory that just stands out in my mind was staying after school really late with my friends trying to get a lab report done. When it comes to General Chemistry lab, I really recommend getting your lab reports done ahead of time or to seek help when needed. One day, my friends and I gathered together in front of a big television down at University Square around 6 PM trying to get our lab reports done. Out of all the lab reports that I have done in my life, this lab report was a beast! It couldn't be tamed! But luckily, my friends and I walked each other through the lab procedure and we got it done at about 11 PM. With good friends, lots of coffee and sugar to keep you awake and going, you can get anything accomplished!

Finally, the last memory that I love the most was having a dinner get together with close friends. Once in a while, my good friends and I would treat each other for frozen yogurts, coffee and cookies. But one day, my friend asked me and my other friends if it was all right for her and her sister to cook a traditional Sudanese meal and to enjoy each other's company before finals approach. All of us were in for this traditional meal. The best thing about having a group of diverse friends is that you learn about where they come from and their background. I was excited to try a Sudanese traditional meal. So on a Friday evening, my friends and I all gathered at a friend's apartment and had ourselves a traditional Sudanese meal. It was delicious and had a great time enjoying each other's company. We had many laughs and created a lot of memories together this semester. Friends are family members that you get to pick!

I love the memories that I got to create this semester. I am very fortunate to have some amazing people in my life that I get to call my best friends!

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