Winter Break Already?

Where has the time gone? I remember the first day of school so well like it was yesterday, but here I am now on winter break. Time flies when you are having fun in school minus the homework. But overall, I am so happy that this semester is finally over! It was one tough semester, but that is what college is all about it, a challenge that we have to try to overcome. Now that all I have to worry about is catching up on my sleep that I have lost over the semester and giving my brain a break. What I look forward to most about break is hanging out with my old high school friends, listening to new music, spending quality time with my family that I barely got to see, go sledding or maybe some snowboarding, and watching movies! What I will miss the most are my best friends that I made this semester. We have all gone our separate ways, but we will be reunited in a month. Right now, as I am writing this blog, I am staring out of my window watching the snow fall. Apparently there is supposed to be a big blizzard coming! Will we be having a white Christmas this year or is the world really ending? Who knows? Whatever happens, I am satisfied with how I lived my life and most of my dreams have become reality. Attending UMR is one of those dreams that is now a reality.

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