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Chloe visits Paws & Claws

I really love my dogs. They live with my parents in Japan and I miss them a ton! I tried convincing my parents to let me buy a puppy, one that could live with me in Rochester. However, I eventually decided against it because a puppy or pet would be a lot of work as a full-time student. I found this great opportunity through a friend at Paws and Claws Humane Society.

At Paws and Claws you can become a volunteer simply by attending an orientation meeting and then another meeting to introduce you to the Paws and Claws dogs and cats. As a Paws and Claws volunteer I take dogs for walks, play with them, and even help them get adopted at adoption days. It is so rewarding to help them get adopted and I love playing with them. So, if you are looking for a fun volunteer opportunity, call Paws and Claws and go to an orientation day by going on-line and setting up.

Chloe & Darla

Winter Break: Chloe Goes on an Adventure

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great winter break. When I was a kid I used to ask my mom why college students got such a long winter break...she would reply, "Because they need it!" Now more than ever I know what my mom is talking about! I really needed that break to relax, sleep, and reflect on the semester. So I ventured to Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan, to visit my parents for the holiday. As part of my holiday surprise they even took me to Taiwan for a week! Yes, it was awesome, and yes, I want to go back in the near future. In Taiwan we wandered the streets, shopped at night markets, went to exotic Taiwanese temples, and tried interesting (sometimes borderline gross) food. One day we left the city of Taipei and went on an all-day tour where we were able to go way up in the mountains of Taiwan. On our last day we even got to make paper at this little vintage paper factory. Taiwan was a great cultural experience, one which I recommend to all students.

When I got back to Okinawa I hung out with old friends, made new friends, and even got to plan my best friend's wedding. I read, played with my dogs, and took long walks on the beach. Although it was windy in Okinawa, and its maximum temperature was only 70 degrees, it was still better than Minnesota's bitterly frozen atmosphere.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to fly to Okinawa and spend quality time with my family. All the great adventures I have had help me get through the stressful times that college brings. For example, when there is a day where the emotional baggage keeps piling up, I dig out what I call my "happy place". My "happy place" is of course the memories from Okinawa, and thinking about Okinawa instantly makes me happy and pushes me to continue a productive day.

Chloe and Missy Go to Hawaii

There is one thing on my mind today, it is a little thing called spring break. I can just smell the salt water and feel the Hawaiian sun. I am going to Honolulu, Hawaii with my best friend Missy. We are so excited to sit on the beach, read magazines, and do absolutely nothing! We started tanning in order to get ready for the trip and we started trying to eat a healthier diet. Although, I enjoyed a Culver's hamburger and milk shake last I don't know if I will be "swimsuit ready" in time. We are staying in a condo on the beach, so hopefully the beach is where we will be most of our vacation. I can't wait to see the night life in Hawaii and to explore the island. Have a great spring break everyone!!! Chloe

Chloe & Missy & Chloe's Mom

Chloe Studies for Spanish

This week is going to be a tough one, and what a great way to start this week off with my job at the admissions office. I started off my day at 7 o'clock in the morning; I took a shower, drank a few cups of coffee, and then walked to work (listening to "Beautiful Day" by U2 on my ipod). When I got to work I started on my regular work day duties. The only thing that is giving me negative energy is my Spanish oral exam at 10:30. Yes, I studied, but talking in front of my professor for 15% of my Spanish grade makes me so nervous! We will be tested on everything from preterit form to future form to conditional form. Along with these three we will have to know appropriate vocabulary from the chapter and two other forms for the verbs. We are also working on a script for a Spanish TV show episode that we have to perform. To prepare for it he had Michael, one of the University of Minnesota Rochester faculty members, do some acting exercises. Michael taught a great class and has great acting skill because he performs in some of Rochester community plays. Hopefully, with lots of studying and practice my group and I will do well during our Spanish performance. As for today is concerned, I hope I do well on my Spanish oral exam! Wish me luck. Oh, and have a great Valentine's Day.

First day of school: A sophomore perspective

Welcome back to school everyone! A new year has begun, which means I am now writing this blog as a sophomore. Initially, I walked onto campus thinking that we were still the only BSHS students. I was quickly reminded that there was a new class now sharing the school with us when I saw unfamiliar students sitting in the lounge. "Little" freshman roamed around like a flock of seagulls, nervous and excited, like we were last year. They all looked so young, I felt so old (even though 90% percent of the freshmen are taller than me). I remember how stressed I was to complete my first day of class when I was a freshman. I remember thinking I wish I had an upperclassman to tell me that everything would be okay. I wonder now as a sophomore if that is what the new freshmen are thinking; do they need advice from us? I have not yet had any freshmen come up to me in need of reassurance that they will indeed pass that one class they are nervous about, for me it was statistics. Now that I am a sophomore I arrive to class mellow and collected; no worries as to what it will be like. Since I already have one year under my belt I have my own pattern of doing things, a method of taking notes, and I know to ask as many questions as I see fit. It is great to be in the sophomore class of UMR, and I can't wait to continue my education here! To all the new freshman: if you ever need advice don't be afraid to ask any of the sophomores!

My Summer in Okinawa, Japan

Experiencing the Japanese Culture

I have had the great opportunity of spending my first summer out of college in Okinawa, Japan. At first I was so nervous! "What will I do without my friends, will I be bored the whole summer", I thought. But these questions were easily erased from my mind after my jet lag wore off.

I am having so much fun here! My parents and I live on a beach called Araha beach. I meet new people and experience the Japanese culture everyday. Even something as simple as going to the market has become an amazing adventure. On weekends my family and I travel to different cities, beaches, and the country-side. Each of these are so unique, but also very different.

Before my summer began I asked myself, "how can going out of the country, to Japan, benefit my career in the health sciences?" "How can I take advantage of this enriching experience?" These are great questions to ask yourself if you decide to study abroad or go out of the country. Learning about different cultures is crucial while having a career in the health sciences. So, I took what I had learned from my first year at UMR and am now shadowing and volunteering at the Family Practice and Pediatrics Clinics on Camp Lester, a marine base on Okinawa.

Last day of my pediatric observation

My trip so far has been something that I will remember forever, and will be great when discussing my future in (hopefully) medical school. I am truly blessed and if you ever get the chance to go out of the country GO! Even if you don't get the chance to involve yourself in a health-science based extra-curriculum activity. The culture experience will last you a lifetime!

U of M Pre-Med Day

The day started off way too early, 6:15 am to be exact, as we started off to go to the Twin Cities for pre-med day at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Parry, our student success coach, picked up the 7 of us who attended in a white mini-van and drove us to the event (thanks Parry). When we arrived at Moos tower we were surrounded by hundreds of other students, also interested in going to medical school, all from different colleges across Minnesota and Wisconsin. After we got settled in, the U of M Twin Cities provided us with a great breakfast consisting of bagels, donuts, pastries, muffins, and juice. I was so tired that I needed to go across the street to Starbucks to get some coffee. After breakfast we met in a large auditorium where we listened to panels of medical-students, faculty from the Twin Cities and Duluth Campuses, and admissions counselors talk about the application process, financial aid, and what it is like to be a medical student at the U of M Twin Cities. The majority of my questions and concerns were answered; it was a very beneficial day. I especially enjoyed listening to the medical students talk about their experiences and their journeys in applying to medical school. It strengthened my desire to go to medical school and become a physician even more. Overall, I am very glad that I attended pre-med day at the U of M Twin Cities campus. I would recommend it next year to anyone who is interested in going onto medical school.

Chancellor's Dinner

I, along with five other UMR students had the opportunity to enjoy a catered meal at the house of the Chancellor, Stephen Lehmkuhle, and his wife, Professor Cynthia Lehmkuhle. All of the UMR students got to enjoy this, but to make it more of a personal experience we went in groups of six. I went with a group of girl friends that I not only attend school with, but also live at Bridgestreet apartments. We were all so excited to see Chancellor and Professor Lehmkuhle's home, not to mention curious as to what yummy meal would be catered for us! At 6 o'clock we arrived at their lovely home, dressed in our fancy attire, excited to talk directly with the Chancellor. First, we sat in their tidy and warm living room; talking of the future of UMR. The Chancellor was so interested in what we had to say, he even asked our opinion about the new UMR commercial. We then sat down to dinner; where we talked about everything from the learning labs to what to expect in the next few years at UMR. The food was very good; the salad and vegetables were so fresh, and the chicken topped with tomato and basil was a hit. I couldn't help but notice that everyone, even the Chancellor's mother who also attended the dinner, consumed everything on their plates. The dessert, pumpkin pie, was so delicious that I was even was tempted to steal my friend's piece! Overall, the evening was very fun. I loved that we each got the chance to talk of our recommendations and of our opinions. It was very comforting to know that Chancellor and Professor Lehmkuhle are always there when we need them.

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By Chloe Haon, October 2009

This year, my first Halloween as a college student, was a fun one. My friend, Lada, and I started our morning by getting in our costumes; I could barely sleep that night because I was so excited. This year Lada and I were M&Ms; she was the red one and I was the blue one. Everyone had so much fun dressing up for class; I don't think I have done this since the third grade!


It was a very festive campus. Even the teachers and faculty got into it and dressed up in costumes too! It was hilarious to see the teachers laughing hysterically as they took pictures of each other in the student lounge area. When talking with my friends from other colleges they all told me how none of their teachers wore costumes nor did they celebrate Halloween on the campus. They were also surprised to know that even our Chancellor dressed up, considering some students have never even met their Chancellor.

Screen shot 2010-04-01 at 3.30.19 PM-thumb-500x198-36371.png

After class the teachers and faculty of UMR threw us a Halloween party on their office floor. When entering their floor I experienced fear, because it looked and sounded like a haunted house, but when walking past the long hallway of cubicles I entered an empty space where three couples were dancing in the middle of the room. I sat down like all the other students that attended and watched as they danced the spooky, yet graceful, tango dance. After a mere moment I noticed that one of the dancers was my writing teacher, Professor Taniguchi! I had no idea that she was part of the Tango Association of Rochester, as she told us after the dance. After that, all of the dancers gave us a twenty minute tango lesson. It was so much fun to not only learn a little bit about my teacher's interests, but it was also fun to learn something new that didn't have to do with a school subject. The tango lesson will go down in UMR history; I even got to dance with the Chancellor!


Afterwards they provided us with pizza, candy, and soda; we all laughed and had a wonderful time. Halloween at University of Minnesota Rochester was one of the best Halloweens that I have ever experienced. I hope next year it will be equally as fun!

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Chloe's First Day of Class

I woke up at 8 am curious of what my first day as a college student would be like. When arriving to class the first day I was scared and anxious, but also very excited. The other students and I sat down and started working on our computers; future students, be ready to use your laptops 90% of the time in class. I was very confused by the constant use of technology but also felt reassured that the professors were and are trying to prepare us for a future in the health science field. After my first day of class I was very stressed out do to the heavy work load and the new material we learned in statistics class. It went by so fast, and I didn't know what hit me when I left class with all these unresolved questions. A professor who was sitting at the "Just Ask " Center immediately calmed me down and told me that everything was going to be okay. In the end, I left the campus with positive thoughts and reassurance that the professors were very kind and understanding.