Recent Entries by Kelsey  

A typical day in the admissions office isn't like any normal office job by any means. On what we call "normal days" I will begin by working up stairs in student services working on a program called Image Now, which allows the UMR staff easy access to all student files while going paperless for the environment. When I'm not up stairs you will find me addressing envelopes or bringing things up from storage for office use. Being a work-study employee I have a large responsibility of talking to people that come in and have certain questions. The majority of the questions deal with what programs we offer here, or about transferring, but occasionally we will get people that come with really specific questions regarding admissions or just questions in general myself and other student employees simply can't answer. When this happens the admissions staff makes it easy for us to find a way to answer the questions being asked.
Being a work study student also has a lot of advantages. By being in this sort of job I am able to adjust my schedule based on my classes as well as any major tests or projects I may have. One incidence for example was the day before a chemistry exam. I had been feeling as though I hadn't been doing my best in a few of my classes and because I get up at 7:15 AM every morning to come to work I felt as though just taking that Wednesday morning off would really help me feel less anxious about my test. All I had to do was walk into Jade's office (my boss) and simply explained to her what was going on and she understood.
Though sometimes this job may seem boring to others, we defiantly have our fun. Part of my job as a admissions worker is to help either of the admissions reps, Molly or Jen, set up for visit days; which are days where possible incoming students for the years ahead come and visit to get a feel for what UMR is all about. On these days it's my responsibility that the staff have whatever they need done to make the process move smoother. On days like this we usually start of by lighting up room 417 with music and laughter, it defiantly makes moving tables and chairs seem more fun. Usually the day after set up is the visit day, and on these days I usually walk around and help answer student and parent questions as well as possibly help give tours at Broadway Residence and Suites where I currently live. What I love most about visit days is getting dressed up in my U of M gear and meeting possible new incoming freshman that will be following in my footsteps. This day always excites me because I know starting here I had so many questions and it can be two very different things from asking a faculty member to asking someone whose actually going through it. Once the day is complete we continue with cleanup where Charis (a nursing student) and I run around singing in helium voices from the balloons used while Jade videotapes.
Working in the admissions office at UMR has defiantly opened my eyes to many possibilities and has really taught me to be more of an adult. Though some times the work is long and not always fun, the admissions faculty defiantly knows how to make my day. With singing, dancing, and helium balloons who wouldn't want to work in admissions?