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Humanity? What's that?

Martin Luther King, Jr once said that "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."

I think that as college students its easy to forget and become oblivious to what is happening around us. We forget that there is a broader world that exists and that there are broader problems outside of our own. While grades and test scores are important, it is also important that we build our sense of humanity, because it is our duty as humans to uphold standards of humanity, care, and dignity. If submerging ourselves in our studies is how we deal with issues around the globe (i.e. local & domestic issues) then nothing will be resolved and our problems will only worsen...

You might ask, well, so, um, why me? Why should I care?

Well, think about it this way: if each one of us turned our back on a human in need, who will be left? Now, think of someone you care about or truly love, what if the person in need was a person you deeply care about? Would you want someone turning their back on them? The answer lies with you. But know that we are the future, so if we don't take the initiative, then who will?

All it takes is lending a helping hand; it is truly the simplest of gestures of kindness that carry the weight of the world. It could be as simple as smiling to a stranger; sending a worthy book to someone who cannot afford an education; handing out pamphlets to raise awareness about a particular crisis around the world; or giving a donation of a useful item (clothes, food, money, etc) to someone in need.

As students within a school of health sciences, we will become the influential humans that come to another human's aid. But we must build our sense of humanity, so that no human need goes unsatisfied or unnoticed.

Let us lead more humble lives and start living for one another, rather than ourselves. Until then, I wish all of you the best of luck in your journey this semester.



Google Calendar and Me.

If you're like me, forgetful and lagging behind on deadlines, get yourself acquainted with a calendar. You might ask, "What's the best and most innovative calendar to be acquainted with?" My definite response: the Google Calendar. If you haven't heard, you better start listening. Here's what I love most about GC.

1. You can add professor Just Ask Hours directly from the Just Ask site.
How cool is that?! You can switch on/switch off the Just Ask calendars as you please. This, by the way, is a great time management tool. You can quickly see and decide which Just Ask hours you are available to attend to get your questions answered. This is by far the best tool for those (like me) who lack time management skills and cannot seem to find time and arrange to see a professor during their Just Ask hours.

2. Never forget about another meeting!
If you check your email frequently, set up an email reminder that will email you a reminder about a meeting (or any event you set up). Or you can set up a pop-up reminder, which (as long as you have your calendar open somewhere on your task bar) will pop up your calendar to remind you of your event. It's like a personal secretary, but free (stupendous!).

3. Thinking about hanging out? Send an Invite!
Every Friday, my friends and I go out and about to spend some time away from all the studying, homework, and stress, Sometimes I find it best to just add an event to my calendar and add my friends as guests to the event. I can click on my event to find out who's accepted my invitation and who can't make it. It's fast and easy, and takes 30 seconds to add to my calendar, so I don't forget.

The best part about all of this is that you can access your calendars via phone, iPod, tablet, etc.

There's more greatness to this wonderful invention. You'll just have to go explore on your own. Seriously though, it doesn't take much effort to set up a Google Calendar for yourself. Get yourself on track with school work deadlines, so you never miss another assignment.

Moral of this blog: Use Google Calendar!

Alright, I'm done preaching. ;P


Traveling/Study Abroad

I feel like people don't do enough traveling in their lives, and it's really unfortunate because there's so much to see in this world!! I know that there's a lot of reasons that people might not be able to travel, such as money, time, and even fear. Not many people want to go and visit new countries, because they're too comfortable where they are now. But here at UMR, everyone is given the chance to study abroad! Which is so convenient and really cool. Not many schools spent their time helping you plan such an amazing experience for your last year of college.

I really think that traveling and exploring other countries and their cultures really changes a person's views. Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with cultures other than their own. Being able to experience other peoples' cultures is a really awesome experience. Many of us may have misconceptions about people and their cultures, but to be able to actually go and visit their country and learn more about how they live would be such a great experience!

A few months ago, I met a guy at a different college in town, and he was taking an Arabic class and trying to learn the language because he wanted to move to Egypt. I thought that was so amazing!!! I definitely wanted to keep in touch so that I could answer any questions if he had any. That's another thing too, there's plenty of people who might be from the country you want to visit, and if you take the time to ask them I'm sure they can give you great tips such as where to stay, good schools and programs, and they can even explain a little more about the culture over there.

So I guess what i'm saying is that you should go out and see what the world has to offer! Even in America, there are many differences between the East Coast and West Coast. Just imagine how much different it'll be outside of the country! I really encourage everyone to take advantage of UMR's study abroad options, and go out and learn something new!

Here are some places I recommend going to/plan on traveling to:

Alexandria, Egypt
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tokyo, Japan
New Delhi, India
South Africa

Safe travels! xo

Volunteer Opportunities

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know about some upcoming events that are going on in the community. We need all the volunteers we can get!

First off, we (Olmsted County Youth Commission) are collecting bikes on March 16th at all of the local high schools in town. There are two shifts that you can sign up to work at: 9 - 11:30 or 11:30 - 2. We need volunteers to help unload bikes, and help organize everything. The whole purpose of this is to collect bikes for those in need. Not many people realize it, but a lot of people don't attend school and it's all because they don't have any way of getting there. So what we're doing is collecting bikes and then later fixing them up so that we can donate them to people who need them! A bike can come in handy when you don't have a car or any other way of getting to school. We're also going to need volunteers to help fix up the bikes, because not all of them are going to be in perfect condition. If you don't have much experience when it comes to fixing bikes, don't worry. There will be people there teaching you how to do that.

On March 23rd we will be holding a collection day at Barlows Hy-Vee. We will be collecting non perishable food and personal hygiene items for use at high school food shelves including Golden Hill Learning Center. Volunteers are needed to handout lists of items that we're looking for, and to help organize the items once we get them. We've done this before and raised about $900.00 in non perishable food and hygiene items. I think that there were so many items donated that Golden Hill didn't even have enough space to hold everything.

If you're interested in participating, let me know ( and I'll make sure to sign you up and provide you with more info! :)

Waking Up the Sleeping Dragon.

January 29th, 2013 marks the day my inner dragon was summoned. In other words, some serious self-realization type of stuff kicked in. After a great start to my first year and a successful end, I didn't look out for the tough semesters ahead (a.k.a sophomore year). I began the sophomore year with my head up high, which I now realize was a bit too boastful for how it ended - with my head way down...

Hakuna matata though! This is a story with a happy-ending!

I came to realize that "Behind every success is failure." In my case, failure to prioritize, organize, manage, and most important of all - plan. As the saying goes, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Whatever the saying may be, the point is that planning is the key to success. In college, planning begins with successful goal setting. That is, TANGIBLE goal setting.

A few days ago, a group of friends and I were socializing and we came across a discussion about whether the Student Success Series: Academic Goal Setting Workshop at UMR was worthwhile attending. After much thought, we decided to stop by and see what we could learn from it; little did we know the impact it would have.

The workshop really couldn't have come around at a better time. With the last semester's results in the past, I was motivated to kick off the new semester and take on a new set of courses. One important lesson learned from the workshop was that its easy to set goals. However, it's not so easy to follow all the way through with the goals you've set. So, it's important to check in every now and then to assess and evaluate yourself. One good way to do this is to check in with a good and reliable friend, coach, academic advisor, parent--someone who will keep you on check and "smack" you back to reality when you've lost hope in following through with your goals. The workshop really opened up my eyes to the victim game I was playing with myself. With the SMART goals strategy we learned about, I feel like I have successfully set some good goals for this semester. This isn't just blabber! I'm seriously committed to following through too!

After attending the workshop, I had walked out with great motivation (to fix what I deemed a failure), one important goal (and 3 specific action steps in achieving that goal), and a group of friends to keep each other in check. Now, with my action plan already set and written, I think it's safe to say that sleeping dragon doesn't want to sleep anymore. It's action time.

So, however long your inner dragon has been hibernating, it's time to wake up!

These are some of the pictures from the Cultural Awareness Week at UMR, where some of the students and professors dressed in their traditional cultural colthing and shared their customs and traditions with other students.

This event was organized by the Intercultural Club of UMR.

Soumya (left) wearing the Indian sariHawa (middle) and Muna (right) wearing the Somali diraac

Soumya, Hawa & Muna.jpg

Abdullahi (left) wearing the Somali macuus, Dr. Ford (middle) wearing the Afghani pakol (hat), salwar kameez (a loose dress), and Eric (right) wearing traditional clothing from the North West Province of Cameroon


Jessica Walia in traditional hispanic clothing

Ayan in the Somali diraac

Part of the Intercultural Club members:
Megan (most left), Eric, Hawa, Muna, Zeinab Ah.,Zeinab Ab., Logain, Abdullahi (Ahmed), Abdullahi, Dr. Ford (most right)

Abdullahi (left), Omar (middle) and Mustafa (right) all wearing the Somali macuus
Abdullahi, Omar, & Mustafa.jpg

Rasha (me in the left) wearing the Sudanese bridal wear: toub (long wrap sheet of cloth) and accessaries; and Ayan in the Somali diraac
Rasha & Ayan.JPG

Part of the Intercultural Club members: Hawa (most left), Soumya, Paola, Eric, Zeinab Ab., Logain, Annabelle and Muna (most right)

Khadra, Abdullahi and Sara setting up for the event
Set up2.jpg

Eric briefing guests about difference currencies