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A New Hot Spot in Town

Being a college student means that you would spend a good majority of your time hiding behind books and doing well in classes to manage your grades. Studying is not my cup of tea. I always find myself daydreaming, browsing Facebook, and falling asleep. I am very, very picky when it comes to picking a good spot to study.

My study spot has to consist a place where there are many people studying and being productive, it has to have hot chocolate and tea, and it can't be too quiet. And I found that amazing spot! Where? Press Coffee Tea and Lounge located in the heart of Rochester. I am literally here 7 days a week just studying and doing homework. This place is like heaven to me. My favorite things about this place is the incredibly quick and free Wifi and the inexpensive yummy hot chocolate. I have a cup or two of hot chocolate! It tastes amazing! Press Coffee Tea and Lounge recently just opened in downtown Rochester and I feel it is the perfect place for every student to stop by to study and to have meet up with friends. I used to study at Caribou Coffee a lot, but the only flaw about that place is that it closes pretty early. But at Press it closes at 11 PM. Plenty of time to get your work done and afterwards, just head home and relax. I highly recommend a visit to Press! Best place in town!

Capstone Writing Experience

Goodbye October! Wait... what?! Yep! It's already November! I cannot believe that the semester is coming to an end and finals are just right around the corner. Yikes! But I am glad October is done with. Why you may ask? My October was mainly focused around writing my capstone proposal.

Writing the capstone was nerve-wrecking, tiring, and challenging. My heart was literally beating so fast that I thought it was going to pop out of my chest as I was submitting it! Now is the fun part.... Waiting to see if the proposal is accepted or rejected. In the meantime, I thought I would share the month long journey of my capstone writing experience.

In September, I had no idea of what I wanted to do for my capstone. I was lost and confused?! Then one day, in my CLI 3711 class, instead of paying attention to the lecture, I was browsing around Google looking for possible internship positions at eye clinics. And surprisingly, I found one! Located in Alhambra, California, was my internship opportunity. A couple of weeks later, I wrote a resume and a cover letter and submitted it to the clinic. After hearing back from the clinic, I was filled with excitement and joy! I GOT THE INTERNSHIP! YAY!

There was one more process to go through, writing my capstone proposal. It actually took me over a month to write it because the capstone committee wants to know every little detail of what you want to do for your capstone and how it might benefit you in the future. The first question on the capstone writing form was, what is your career goal? That was easy for me to answer because I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but if you don't know what you want to do with your life... figure it out ASAP!

After the first question, came the most challenging parts. How do the courses that you are going to take relate to your capstone and what do you expect to take away from course. Think it might be easy answering these questions, right? NOPE. You must be an artist at the point, include in every little detail as possible to make the picture come to life.

Overall, the capstone writing process made me realized that I overcame the biggest challenge by dedicating a good amount of time and never giving up on myself. I am capable of overcoming any challenge and you are too! Just work hard and believe in yourself.

It's Just a Beginning to an End

Where did my summer go? Time is just flying by and I am trying so hard to enjoy every minute and second of my day. This past summer I worked, spent time with my family, saw a waterfall, went to a One Direction concert (don't judge me) and took summer classes. Not exactly what I had in mind of what I wanted to do over the summer, but it was a great summer anyways.

Now it's time to welcome autumn and of course fall semester 2013. I hope everyone is enjoying the semester by getting involved with clubs, making new friends, and studying hard to get those A's! Sadly, but excitedly this is my last year at UMR. I have gained so much knowledge when I transferred here from RCTC. My college experience throughout the four years has been fun, tiring, stressful and above all enjoyable. For this semester, I am putting together my capstone proposal and getting ready to do an internship in California at a clinical eye care over winter break (hopefully). I am also getting involved with my clubs such as Intercultural Club and Circle K. Hopefully this semester goes by smoothly and fast because I am just set to walk across the stage, grab my diploma and start a new chapter in my life!

Summer Festivities

Well hello there summer! I've been waiting patiently for your arrival! Out of all the four seasons, I would have to say that summer is by far my favorite. On the last day of the semester, I had a smile on from ear to ear. When I handed in my last final exam for General Chemistry II, summer had officially begun. I wanted to jump and after all of the goodbyes and farewells, I went home and took the world's longest nap. Finals week just about killed me with the late night studying, but it really paid off during the exams.

All of you are probably wondering, what are you doing for the summer? For this summer, I will catch up on my sleep, but other than that, I will find a job, maybe take some summer courses for school, pay Mall Of America a visit, spend some quality time with my parents and my siblings, watch a ton of Netflix, and head to my favorite place in the entire world, California. Out of all of the places I have been to, California just stood out more to me. There's so much to do in California. You can go the beach to soak up some sun, visit the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, go sightseeing, swim, eat fresh fruits, and eat good food as well.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to the spring semester because so much happened and I learned a lot about myself as well. I have finished my third year of college and starting this fall, I can't believe I am saying this, but I will be a senior! For now, all I want to worry about is having fun over my summer break. I will make some new memories and hopefully some cash from work, and relax before the school year starts once again!

Best Spring Memories!

Where did the time go? I honestly think that this semester went by too fast. I remember it being the first day of spring semester and I was dreading going back to school. I just wanted to stay home, sleep in, not do homework, watch movies, and sleep more. As time went on, it was just the same routine every day.

I was looking forward to the semester with a positive and determined attitude. It was great seeing friends again and catching up with everyone, but the most exciting part was finding out that all of your best friends had the same classes as you! SCORE! This semester I had Anatomy and Physiology 2, General Chemistry 2, Calculus and CLI. This semester, I decided to continue to take part of being in the Intercultural Club.

The Intercultural Club is a club that brings diverse students together to learn about one another's cultural background. Apparently, I was appointed to be the club president and I was in total shock! It felt like I won an Oscar! I was happy with the news and conducted every meeting and bought students together to learn about one another's cultural background. A big event that the ICC did this semester was a Syria Flash Mob alongside 4 other club groups at the school. This event was an eye-opener because I didn't know about the tragedy that is taking place right now in Syria.

Another club I decided to partake in was Circle K. This club was something that I have been searching for. Circle K is a club that helps the students develop leadership skills as we go out and volunteer at certain events. I highly recommend that everyone checks out this club because it is very beneficial with finding volunteering experiences and strengthening our communication skills.

This past semester, I decided to make the gym an important part in my daily routine. I go to the Y, since UMR students gets a free membership and work out for about two hours. I am glad that going to the gym became a part of my lifestyle because it really changed my state of mind and seeing the results from working out is just great! Other than that, I turned 21, stayed at school a lot until midnight with friends who I call my sisters studying for chemistry, had a lot of laughs with my best friend Sara, and lots of visits to Starbucks. This was one unforgettable semester and I can't wait to see what fall semester has in store, but first, I must enjoy my summer break!

My Fun-Filled Extravagant Weekend!

Never in my life would I ever see May coming! I wanted time to come by fast just for one reason and that reason would have to be...... Iron Man 3. A fun fact about me, I absolutely am head over heels for this miraculous Marvel character, Iron Man.

To start off my Friday weekend, I had to walk in snow! And yes there was snow in May and the funny thing was that the snow broke the record for the most snow fallen in May. I remember it was sunny and warm a couple of days before, but I guess Mother Nature became ill and made the weather completely bizarre. I guess it was UMR's first snow day for most student! But other than that, walking in the snow wasn't too bad. I went to Chipotle for the very first time in my life and I bet you are saying "WHAT?" Yes, I had never been to Chipotle before, but I absolutely loved it and will definitely go back for their amazing salad bowls and their massive burritos that are about the size of my head.

After the amazing food at Chipotle, my boyfriend and I headed down to Target just to kill time before we headed over to Wehernberg Theatres. As soon as we got to the movie theater, my excitement just skyrocketed to the moon! This movie was something that I have been looking forward to since February. When the movie started..... I was just so amazed by it that I didn't want to leave when the movie ended. Tony Stark also known as Iron Man is one awesome person/superhero! The weekend was definitely the best weekend ever minus the snowstorm, but it was something fun to do before finals week afterwards. I highly recommend you go and see this movie for yourself if you haven't yet, but if you did and loved it.... please come and find me so that we can freak out about how amazing Iron Man 3 is!

Charter Night for Circle K

If you are one of the students here at UMR that has a passion to help others and give back to the community, then Circle K is the club just for you! I recently found out about Circle K from a friend who told me all of the things that Circle K does. Circle K involves plenty of volunteering opportunities. Circle K meets every other week over at 318 Commons from 7 to 8 PM. Our leader for the club is the one and only Michelle Burgraff. She is an incredible leader and very motivated at getingt the club running. She is dedicated to helping students in the club get as much volunteering experience as possible.

Circle K club is also joined by the Kiwanis. They are a bunch of enthusiastic people that have the same outlook as Circle K. This outlook involves giving back to the community and lending a helping hand. The club motto is "Live to Serve, Love to Serve." This is Circle K's first year at UMR and the turnout has been amazing for a club so new to campus! There are about 70 students in the club and a good majority of them are freshman. Anyone can join the club and I guarantee it will be the best choice you ever make! I am so happy that I decided to join the club because it is a life changing, great experience of what it is like to work with others, and a lot of fun.

March 14, 2013 was a big day for Circle K because we were inducted into the Rochester Kiwanis Club. Every student in the club got a certificate and made a promise to the Kiwanis's that we will be responsible and great future leaders in the community! Not to be biased, but Circle K is the best club ever and I couldn't be any happier being in a club filled with great people sharing the same passion to help the community. If you have Facebook, head on over, take a look, and don't forget to "Like" it!

Spring Break Shenanigans!

Hope you all had a wonderful and memorable spring break 2013! I was looking forward to this break for quite some time. I bet all of us needed a break from school. Most of us travelled out of the state or stayed in the state but still went places. For me, I had one fun and exciting spring break ever! On early Saturday morning, my family and I headed to the Twin Cities to help my uncle move into his new house. It had just renovated. Now that might not seem fun.... moving boxes and furniture, but for me, if someone needs the help I am more than happy to lend a helping hand. When my family and I got to my uncle's house, there were plenty of people there going in and out of the house already moving things into the truck! We just stepped in and made the process go a bit faster and to take a load off of the movers there. It was such a fun day especially because I had my brother, sister, and cousin there to share a laugh with. We did a lot of moving and we were so happy that the day was warm and sunny!

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most! We visited the 2013 Auto Show in Minneapolis! I am a huge fan of cars, especially Mercedes Benz, BMW's, Audi's, and the one and only Volkswagen. After a long previous day of moving boxes and furniture, it was a day to relax and not move heavy things. I went to this event with my family and my two baby cousins. We saw many amazing cars like the ones pictured below. When we got tired of looking at cars, we all headed over to Mall of America to do some retail therapy. My spring break was all about catching up on sleep. Best spring break ever!

Eddie and me.JPG

New Year, New Goals, New Life

Where did the time go? I remember it was just winter break back in 2012 and now spring is around the corner and its 2013?! WOW! When you are having too much fun, time sure flies! First off, welcome 2013! Glad everyone survived the 2012 "epidemic." It's a new year and I sure hope everyone made new resolutions and will stick to them! My top three New Year's resolutions is to go to the gym more, which I have been doing daily and I feel great, and spend time with my family as much as I can and to enjoy life to the fullest! What I love most about a new year, is that it gives you a chance to start a new life and to have a new outlook on your life. Whatever happened in the previous year is now history. Always look forward and never look back! Set yourself some new goals and do things that you would never have thought to do previously!

You are only young once, so might as well enjoy life while you can. Anyways, besides setting new goals and having resolutions for the year, I hope you are enjoying spring semester. Just think, in a couple of months we have a three month break to enjoy summer! As of right now, all I can tell you is to do well in school, seek help if you don't understand something, make new friends, try to laugh at least five times a day, and enjoy the semester! Best of luck to you! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Memories of Fall 2012

Another semester has just gone by and I am finished with the first semester for junior year. I am still in shocked that I made it this far in college already. Only a few more semesters left before I walk out of UMR with a degree in hand ready to tackle the world! For this blog, I am going to relive the best memories that I have made this semester.

The first memory that I remember the most was making a new friend. On the very first day of Anatomy and Physiology, my friends and I walked into the classroom with smiles on our faces, excited to see how this class was going to be. The professors split the class into small groups. I was paired with two new faces that I have never met before. I smiled and I said hi. One of my partners reached his hand out and shook my hand graciously. What a great first impression! Over the next few days, we learned about each other and had great laughs. Up to this day, our friendship has become really strong. We helped each other make it through this semester by having study sessions together and motivating one another. Finding good friends is tough because you don't know who to give your trust to, but I am glad that I found amazing friends whom I trust a lot.

My second memory that just stands out in my mind was staying after school really late with my friends trying to get a lab report done. When it comes to General Chemistry lab, I really recommend getting your lab reports done ahead of time or to seek help when needed. One day, my friends and I gathered together in front of a big television down at University Square around 6 PM trying to get our lab reports done. Out of all the lab reports that I have done in my life, this lab report was a beast! It couldn't be tamed! But luckily, my friends and I walked each other through the lab procedure and we got it done at about 11 PM. With good friends, lots of coffee and sugar to keep you awake and going, you can get anything accomplished!

Finally, the last memory that I love the most was having a dinner get together with close friends. Once in a while, my good friends and I would treat each other for frozen yogurts, coffee and cookies. But one day, my friend asked me and my other friends if it was all right for her and her sister to cook a traditional Sudanese meal and to enjoy each other's company before finals approach. All of us were in for this traditional meal. The best thing about having a group of diverse friends is that you learn about where they come from and their background. I was excited to try a Sudanese traditional meal. So on a Friday evening, my friends and I all gathered at a friend's apartment and had ourselves a traditional Sudanese meal. It was delicious and had a great time enjoying each other's company. We had many laughs and created a lot of memories together this semester. Friends are family members that you get to pick!

I love the memories that I got to create this semester. I am very fortunate to have some amazing people in my life that I get to call my best friends!

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