Powderhorn Park benefited from local Michael Gramling

Michael Gramling was a Powderhorn Park resident and put together events like alley cleanups, culture celebrations and flower planting. He lived most of his life on the 3600 block of 17th Avenue, where he also organized an Easter egg hunt that is now 20 years old, according to the Star Tribune.

Gramling died of colon cancer at age 54 on March 12. Gramling went to and graduated from the South High School. He served on multiple task forces and was the president of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association.

"No matter where you go in south Minneapolis, you will find his imprint, but you might not know it," said Mary Dobish in an interview with the Star Tribune. She helped published the former Powderhorn Paper.

According to the Star Tribune, a memorial service will be held in May.

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