Minneosta DWI device bills move forward

April 15, 2010

Bills proposing that DWI ignition devices be put in driver's cars who have acquired a DWI are thought to be welcomed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, according to an article by the Star Tribune.

Pawlenty was in favor of making it mandatory to put the devices in every convicted offender's vehicles in place of taking away their driving privileges, but the bills being put through are a little more lenient for first-time offenders, making it just an option for those caught with low blood-alcohol levels, according to the article.

According to Sen. Steve Murphy in an interview with the Star Tribune, "more than 40 states have some kind of interlock requirement in their law books, with at least half of them putting the penalties on first time offenders and repeat drunken drivers."

"Quite frankly, we are behind in Minnesota on this," said Murphy.

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