Plumbing company cashing in on house explosion

April 22, 2010

A home in Highland Park exploded in February after a sewer repariman hit a gas line, and some accuse a local plumbing company for using this incident to make money off those in the neighborhood,according to KSTP.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing recently sent out postcards saying they would do their camera inspections for only $99, which is half the actual cost, but after the explosion Xcel had begun offering the service for free, according to KSTP.

The company owner, Paul Gavic, claims that they are offering it to customers who want faster service than Xcel's.

"Could take two to three years before the contractor looks into someone's sewer," said Gavic, in an interview with KSTP. "And in the meantime, they could have a backup and could have another explosion."

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