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Juarez shootout kills six police officers and teen

April 24, 2010

Seven people were killed in a shootout at noon on Friday in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, according to a report by CNN.

Six of the victims were police officers, all part of the task force for fighting drug violence, and one was a 17-year-old boy, according to Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz.

According to CNN two other officers were wounded and one civilian was hit by shrapnel.

It started with two patrol cars stopping a few people they had been investigating. Two vehicles, or more, attacked the police with AK-47s, according to Reyes.

According to CNN, Juarez is the most violent city in nation. In 2009, there were 2,600 deaths related to drugs.

Icelandic volcano strands Eagan woman in Bulgaria

April 19, 2010

Leah Spring went to Bulgaria to help a friend in adopting a child, but with no air travel since the volcanic eruption in Iceland, airline officials say it could be another month before they can go home, according to a story on Channel 5 Eyewitness News.

According to what U.S. Embassy officials told Spring and her friend, they are the only Americans in Bulgaria currently.

The delay of departure could interfere with the adoption process because of the expiration date on the paperwork, according to the story.

April 18, 2010

Farmers near the Eyjafjallajokull glacier where the volcano recently erupted have been hurrying to keep their livestock from ingesting the ash, which can cause internal bleeding, long-term bone damage and teeth loss, according to an article by the Associated Press.

The volcanic ash has spread over large parts of Europe, putting air travel at a standstill, but is the worst in the rural regions near the volcano.

Cattle, sheep, and horses are most farms' specialties in Iceland, according to the article.

Thais working communal Israeli farms

April 11, 2010

Everything from cucumbers peas and peppers are grown in the moshav greenhouses, but the sound of Thai being spoken is unlikely, according to a reporter from the BBC news.

According to Roni Keidar, who runs a seed production business, almost all of their workers are Thai. Many of the workers make almost double what they could in a year in Thailand.

"Netiv Haasara is right on the border with Gaza. Standing by the greenhouses you can literally touch the huge concrete wall that separates Israel from the Palestinian territory," said Jon Donnison, the reporter for BBC news.

According to the article, the Israeli government says there are around 28,000 Thais working legally in Israel.

Heroin epidemic reaching Russia

According to an article by the BBC, there are now two and a half million heroin addicts in Russia, compared to the 800,000 in the United States.

Opium production has risen in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, and according to BBC news, has made Russia a large consumer of the product because of its close proximity.

HIV is following the heroin epidemic in causing deaths of Russians as well.

Singer and songwriter Lesley Duncan dies

Lesley Duncan wrote music that was appreciated by many artists, including Elton John, who covered her Love Song on his Tumbleweed Connection album, according to The Times.

She started her success being a backup singer for Springfield and John, and then landed a record contract with Columbia Records.

Duncan was born August 12, 1943. She contracted cerebrovascular disease and died at the age of 66 on March 12, 2010.

Seven arrested for suspected plot to murder cartoonist

March 9, 2010 11:33 am

Irish police arrested three women and four men suspected of plotting to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.
According to CNN, Vilks published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammed with the body of a dog in 2007, causing al Qaeda to offer $100,000 to any persons who killed him, including an extra $50,000 if they slit his throat. The seven suspects were arrested in Waterford and Cork, and were all between they're late 20s and early 40s, according to authorities. Ireland's national broadcaster said that all the suspects were refugees legally residing in Ireland, but were originally from Morocco and Yemen.
New York Times stated that Vilks was targeted even earlier, in 2005 when he first drew Mohammed wearing a bomb-shaped turban.
According to CNN's interview with Vilks, his drawing of Mohammed as a dog was purposeful.
"That's a way of expressing things," said Vilk. "If you don't like it, don't look at it. And if you look at it, don't take it too seriously. No harm done, really."
CNN's article states that "dogs are seen as unclean by conservative Muslims, and that any depiction of the prophet is strictly forbidden."
Vilks said in his interview that "No one actually loves the truth, but someone has to say it," and that as an atheist he is an "equal opportunity offender" and has drawn Jesus as a pedophile.
New York Times states at the end of their article the correction that Vilks is not a cartoonist but rather an artist.

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