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Architecture as Catalyst 1913/2013/2113

The Architecture as Catalyst program is an innovative feature of the School's graduate M.Arch curriculum that occurs each year in the middle of the spring semester. In this award-winning program, professional degree students in architecture step out of the day-to-day curriculum to work with small teams of faculty in safe havens that encourage high-risk work. Through catalyst workshops students gain the confidence to grapple with large messy problems and become impassioned to ask very big questions and fearlessly probe in specific and tangible ways. Each workshop is led by a host UMN faculty member in conjunction with an invited guest instructor from outside the University. The visiting faculty help provide novel insights and techniques for students, and they are typically recognized leaders within their field or specialty. Each guest also delivers a public lecture during the week; all events are open to the public and provide a chance for local designers to hear from some of the world's most creative practitioners.

This year's Catalysts are organized under the broad theme of "1913/2013/2113." The theme is inspired by the School's upcoming Centennial in 2013, and the intent is to use this moment as an opportunity to think concurrently about the past, present, and future of architectural design. Each of the workshops has incorporated this theme by framing the respective topic in terms of both looking back to history and projecting forward to the future.

Support for the Architecture as Catalyst program is provided by the Cass Gilbert Fund and Target.

Date: 03/11/2013 - 03/15/2013

Location: Rapson Hall

Cost: Free

Schedule of Events:

Design Thinking in an Automated World - Nathan Miller
Auto Erotica - Daniel Friedman

Discussion on Convergent Practices - Kiel Moe & Billie Faircloth
Spatializing Systems - Karen Lewis

The Importance of Play and Humor in Creative Design - Barry Kudrowitz

Architecture as Catalyst: Exhibition and Studio Presentations


Name: Adam Marcus
Phone: 612.624.2554
Sponsored by: College of Design

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