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Conservation Science Laboratory

Author(s) Erica Boyles, Elizabeth Brown, Chris Christofferson, Jillian DeCoursey, Molly Eagen, Beth Evanson, Jill Mans, Calla Martin, Amanda Pederson, Melissa Rasmussen, Eric Stephens, Wang Vue, Jeremy Wallin, Jacob Wollensak, Anna Zabinski
Date Posted August 12, 2010 1:59 PM
Program M.S. Conservation and Heritage Preservation
Instructor Donofrio

Assistant Professor Greg Donofrio invited guest instructor, Andrew Fearon, Architectural Conservator with Milner+Carr Conservation, Philadelphia, to introduce future professionals in the field of architecture to the laboratory -investigation of historic building materials. Through examination and testing programs participants yielded both findings from actual historic buildings samples as well as a broader understanding of material aspects of the built environment. Interactive lectures on historic construction practices accompanied a series of hands-on labs and traditional building techniques encompassing wood, paint, and mortar. Students received a binder containing core reference materials for each lab.