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Stereotomic Structures Catalyst

Author(s) Participants in 2011 catalyst
Date Posted June 7, 2011 8:52 AM
Program M. Arch
Instructor Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla

The goal of this Catalyst "Stereotomic Structures" is to analyze, understand and apply practically some principles of stereotomy in architecture. This Catalyst Studio explores stonecutting properties, rules and reactions of self-supporting structures made of stone. The aim of this Catalyst is to create a vehicle to translate drawing into a spatial map of gravity forces depicted by objects on the space gathered by stereotomic rules.

This course emphasizes very particular constructive characteristics of masonry using skew arches as provocateurs. The lens to observe and develop architecturally these type structures takes a specific problem of stereotomy faced by stone masons in the past when arches were supported on oblique walls. The study of the skew arches focuses on how "the constructive" is the creative engine of the architecture. The goal is to understand history through architectural technology exploring different modes of practice in the discipline of architecture.