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1st and 1st: Weight, Space, and Light

Author(s) Alec Sands
Date Posted May 24, 2012 7:15 AM
Program M. Arch
Instructor Piotrowski

The 1st and 1st Arts Center project is a renovation to the old Jeune Theater building in the North Loop Warehouse District in Minneapolis. The building, which originally functioned as a warehouse, grew overtime and was later wrapped in a Cass Gilbert facade which is to be preserved. The context is defined by a collection of old warehouse buildings, which are massive masonry containers with a minimal amount of ornamentation. This project takes that existing typology and heightens people's ability to perceive and appreciate it. Most of the existing floors are hollowed out and the load bearing masonry walls are kept creating large volumes of space. Visitors then begin to perceive the weight of these massive walls, the large volumes which they create, and the light which reveals these volumes. As the visitor leaves the building their perception of the neighborhood will have dramatically changed. In revealing the unique characteristics of the building the project hopes to provide a background and inspiration for the arts which is unique to this particular place.