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Frame and Matter: Six Floors of God Knows What at the California Building

Author(s) Sean W. Kelly
Date Posted September 7, 2012 7:35 PM
Program M. Arch
Instructor Marcus

This is a place of production. The art and artifacts being produced behind gypsum walls are tested against all surfaces from within the corridor. Hung from ceilings, mounted on walls and positioned along the floor like furniture, this art commands little more attention than the communal piano or sofa. This is not gallery. It is overflow storage mixed with purposeful display for the one day per month in which the public is encouraged to engage the "six floors of God knows what" at the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis.

Perhaps influenced by the ad-hoc existing conditions of the California Building's internal corridors, the programmatic strategy for a new architecture focuses on an interface of a new public circulation space with new and old programs. Circulation is cinema. An increasing trend of the production and showing of independent film in the North East Arts District calls for the introduction of cinema space into, out of and adjacent to the California Building.