MUniversity of Minnesota

February 06, 2004

Into the Blogosphere

The Department of Rhetoric at the University of Minnesota has recently asked the University Libraries to host "Into the Blogosphere," an online collection of essays exploring discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs. The collection will feature between 15-20 peer reviewed essays with an introduction by Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law professor and world famous blogger. The collection will be hosted on the Libraries' server using the blog software Movable Type. Hosting the collection in this manner will encourage reader participation and response to the collection through Movable Type's comment functionality. In essence, the collection will feature high-quality, peer reviewed essays, but will be freely available for anyone to read and comment on thanks to the unique weblog publishing format. For more information please see

Posted by snackeru at February 6, 2004 02:39 PM