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August 04, 2004

What can I do with the Weblog Config section?

In the coming weeks I hope to write little tutorials or tips about UThink in a new category called "Tips and Tricks." The first post in this category will focus on the Weblog Config section of your blog within Movable Type. If you haven't ventured into this section of your blog's administration interface, you may want to check it out. Inside of "Preferences" you can:

  • Enter the number of days' entries you would like displayed on your index.
    What this will do is change the number of days you display on your blog's home page. The default is 7 days worth of entries. If you are one of the many bloggers who don't post every day, you may want to consider increasing the number of days to display on your blog's home page. That way your you can set up your home page to always have content on it mirroring how often you actually update your blog.

  • Select whether you want your posts displayed in ascending (oldest at top) or descending (newest at top) order.
    Pretty self explanatory, but useful if you are creating an atypical blog.

  • Select a Creative Commons license for the posts on your blog (optional).
    If you select a license, the index page of your weblog will automatically be updated to include information about the license you have chosen, and the same metadata will be added to your RSS 1.0 feed in machine-readable format.

  • Would you liked to be notified via email when someone posts comments to your site?
    Check "Email new comments" and receive an email every time someone leaves a comment on your site!

These are just a few of the options to choose from when configuring the Weblog Config Preferences of your UThink blog. To access the Weblog Config of your blog simply login to UThink, choose a blog you have access to, click on WebLog Config in the left hand menu, and then Preferences at the top of the screen.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

Posted by snackeru at August 4, 2004 03:26 PM