MUniversity of Minnesota

October 05, 2004

Changes to UThink

UThink has recently gone through some changes that you should be aware of. First of all, I have changed the default template to the "Clean" template (it looks like this) due to some problems with the old template. The "Clean" template is actually the "out of the box" default template that comes with any Movable Type 2.661 install. Of course, you may change the look of your blog using any of the Template Stylesheets provided on this site. In fact, I would encourage you to do so!

Secondly, we have installed MT-Blacklist on the UThink site. Comment and trackback spamming have become problematic on UThink, and MT-Blacklist is a plugin that does a great job of stopping this type of activity on your blog. MT-Blacklist includes a huge "blacklist" file that blocks known blog spammers. Unfortunately new spammers are created every day, so this is something we'll have to keep current. You'll notice now that whenever you get a comment you will have the choice of deleting it through the MT-Blacklist interface and adding the offending URL to the blacklist. While this anti-spamming method isn't perfect, it will definitely diminish the amount of spam on UThink blogs. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Posted by snackeru at October 5, 2004 11:25 AM