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November 10, 2004


Many of you have asked for certain MT plugins to be installed on UThink. For those of you unfamiliar with MT plugins, they extend the functionality of Movable Type (the blogging software used by UThink). There have been many plugins written for Movable Type. These are the plugins that have been installed on UThink so far:

  • MTCountdown -- allows you to place a countdown timer in your MT Template. For example, put up a countdown timer for your birthday:
    <div class="sidetitle">
    Countdown to my birthday!
    <div class="side">
    <MTCountdown date="2005-01-17 00:00:00">
    <MTCountdownIfYears><MTCountdownYears> years, </MTCountdownIfYears>
    <MTCountdownIfWeeks><MTCountdownWeeks> weeks, </MTCountdownIfWeeks>
    <MTCountdownIfDays><MTCountdownDays> days, </MTCountdownIfDays>
    <MTCountdownIfHours><MTCountdownHours> hours, </MTCountdownIfHours>
    <MTCountdownIfMinutes><MTCountdownMinutes> minutes, </MTCountdownIfMinutes>
    <MTCountdownIfSeconds><MTCountdownSeconds> seconds</MTCountdownIfSeconds>
    until my birthday. </MTCountdown>
  • MTCloseComments -- A handy plugin to help thwart blog spammers. This plugin will close comments for any post that has fallen off your blog home page, among other possibilties.
  • MTOtherBlog -- Allows you to include content from other blogs on your own blog, as long as those blogs are also a part of UThink. For example:
    <MTOtherBlog blog_id="137">
    <$MTBlogName$><br />
    <MTEntries lastn="2">
    <a href="<$MTEntryLink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$><br />
    Don't know the blog id's for the blogs you'd like to include? Just use the "View Source" capability of your browser and find the code for the Search box on the blog(s) you'd like to include. The blog id for that blog will be listed there.
  • MTGlobalListings -- This plugin allows you to list Entries, Comments, Categories and TrackBack pings across multiple blogs within one MovableType installation. This plugin is a lot like MTOtherBlog, only it will also let you get at the data for comments, categories, and trackbacks, as well as counts for each type of data. See the documentation for more information concerning this powerful plugin.
  • Regex -- Uses regular expressions to accomplish replacement and other advanced text manipulation within your blog templates. If you don't know what a regular expression is, then this plugin probably won't be that useful to you.
  • IfEmpty -- Allows for different options if a field is empty or not empty. For example, you can use this plugin to change the "Posted by" information on a group blog to a nickname if there is one available for that particular author:
    ... <div class="posted">Posted by
    <MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTEntryAuthorNickname">
    <MTIfEmpty var="EntryAuthorNickname">
    </MTIfEmpty> at ...
  • Textile -- A syntax language that allows you to quickly/easily add some HTML elements (bold, italics, hyperlinks, lists, etc) to your posts without learning all of the nitty gritty HTML. See the link for documentation on how to use this plugin.
  • MTBlacklist -- Quite possibly the most important of any of the plugins. Protects UThink blogs from spam, and yes some spam still gets through. It would be even worse without this plugin.

These are the plugins that have been installed so far. Let me know if you have any questions, or if any other plugins look interesting!

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