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May 16, 2006

Give the UThink Technical FAQ Wiki a try!

Greetings everyone! I have been dilligently working on a UThink Technical FAQ for a while now in order to answer some of the more common questions I get about the service. If you'll recall, I also wanted to put the FAQ into Wiki format to give everyone involved in the UThink community the opportunity to add their own knowledge about the service, and blogging in general, and modify exisiting content if there is a better way of saying something or something to add. Well, the UThink Technical FAQ Wiki is ready for your contributions. Just point your browsers to:

I am using the wonderful U of M Wiki tool which provides free Wikis to faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota. Want one of your own? All you need to do is ask. Wikis are an excellent way to provide a collaborative web based environment where everyone can contribute equally to the content of the site. For more information on wikis, please visit the Wikipedia description for "Wiki" (I know, how appropriate heh?).

Anyway, the UThink Technical FAQ Wiki only contains about 11 questions so far, but they are very common questions so hopefully they'll help you out. Of course, if you have any other questions, or better yet if you have the answers to what you would think is a common question, or if you just have an interesing tidbit of knowledge about UThink, please feel free to add to the Wiki.

That's it. As always, let me know what UThink!

Posted by snackeru at May 16, 2006 02:28 PM