MUniversity of Minnesota

November 28, 2006

Issues with the move

Hello everyone. While we have successfully moved to the new server, some issues have surfaced that we are still working on in UThink land. I just wanted to let you know that we are aware of them.

Issue 1 -- If you try to login to UThink you will get a certificate warning from your browser. Have no fear! This is nothing to worry about. For now, we are using a self-signed certificate for authentication into UThink. Most browsers prefer a certificate that is signed by a certificate authority like VeriSign or Thawte. We are working on this problem and hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime, please do not worry about the warning. Your Internet ID credentials are still being protected. This has been fixed.

Issue 2 -- For some reason, we have lost the password protection on blogs using the .htaccess and .htpasswd methods. The files are still there for those of you using them, they just aren't working. We are working to restore this functionality. This has been fixed.

Issue 3 -- XML-RPC capabilities are out of whack, probably because of the certificate issues. We will test again once we have a better certificate in place. This has been fixed.

There are some other minor issues we are working through, but the two above are the big ones. Thanks for your patience, and please let me know if you see anything else!

Posted by snackeru at November 28, 2006 09:15 AM