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October 10, 2003


Well, if any of you have been keeping track of our progress you will probably note that their has been a noticeable lack of entries made on this blog in the last month. That is because, unfortunatley, not much has been happening. It took me a while to convince my superiors that this was a worthwhile project and as a result we had to fit this project in with everything else we are trying to do (SFX, Aleph, other digital library projects, etc). Our goal is to have something ready to test by the end of November, and then hopefully something ready to unleash upon the masses by the beginning of Spring semester 2004. This may be too tight of a timeline. We'll see after we start working on it again.

One thing that has gotten me concerned about MT is the slowness of rebuilding once a blog has gotten to a certain size and above, say over 1000 entries. Check out this entry on the MT support web site.

I think we're going to have to be pretty smart about how we set up our installation to try to alleviate what could turn out to be a huge problem. Given that we could be hosting literally thousands of blogs on one installation, slowness could become an issue really quick. I'm hoping that by having separate directories for each blog and blog author will mean that a site will get slow only if that individual author has a lot of entries. What I'm afraid of is that the number of entries affects everyone including those authors that have a lot of entries or a those with just a little. If anyone can shed any light on this topic I would be very interested.

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