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July 27, 2005

Upgrade and podcasts

Hello everyone! I know, you are probably wondering about the upgrade to MT 3. Well, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that by this Friday I expect to be able to provide all of you a link to give the new system a try. You'll be able to test it out and finally see MT 3 for yourself. The bad news is, it will still just be a test system. Of course, testing is very important and by progressing in this fashion we will hopefully be able to catch all the bugs before we push MT 3 onto the production version of UThink. However, it just isn't as exciting as coming out with the "real thing." It is frustrating...

So, having said that, I hope all of you will help test the new system out and provide me with feedback on how to make it better. I'm just sorry that it won't be a "live" system. We'll get there!

Secondly, there has been some activity and questions recently regarding podcasts on the UThink system. I don't have the time to really get into a definition of podcasts right now, but I encourage you to visit this Podcasting Tutorial & Intro if you need an introduction into this phenomenon. I did want to tell you, though, that UThink is now better able to host the links to podcasts.

Today I installed the MT-Enclosures plugin onto the UThink system which will automatically alter a blog's RSS 2.0 feed to include any MP3 links found in your entries. RSS 2.0 is the preferred way of subscribing to podcasts, but it can be a challenge to manually configure that XML file. With MT-Enclosures, if you have a podcast and you would like to promote it to the world, all you have to do is create a new entry in your blog and link to the MP3 for the podcast. This new plugin will do the work of putting that link into the RSS 2.0 feed for your blog allowing people to subscribe to your podcasts. Nifty!

I've altered the new blog templates and all the Template Changer templates so that all new blogs and all blogs that are changed through the Template Changer have this new capability. If you'd like to make sure your existing blog can automatically link to podcasts in your RSS 2.0 file you can either use the Template Changer to incorporate this change, or you can alter your RSS 2.0 file manually:

  1. Login to your blog and click on "Templates."
  2. Click on "RSS 2.0"
  3. Find the section below and add the <$MT-Enclosures$> tag like this:

    <MTEntries lastn="15">

  4. Click Save, Rebuild, and your blog will be ready to go.

For more information on this plugin please visit the MT-Enclosures download site. Of course, let me know if you have any other questions, and happy podcasting!

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