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February 17, 2006

Minnesota Daily article on UThink

• The Minnesota Daily has a great article about UThink in today's paper:

Not just personal use anymore: U courses tap into blogging

The article mentions the increases we've been seeing in the realm of class blogging through the UThink system. In December 2005 about 33% of the active blogs on the system were course related, and I only see this trend increasing this semester. Of course, you can use UThink blogs for any purpose you want, but class based blogging is definitely gaining steam.

Anyway, thanks to the Daily for the great article, and as always if anyone has any questions about the UThink system in general, please let me know at

• Secondly, I wanted to also mention that we put in a new feature to Movable Type that will allow you to see the authors you have attached to a particular blog. If you are the owner of a blog that has multiple authors, this new function will let you see all the authors you have attached to your blog, modify their permissions, or even delete them from the blog. Just log in to UThink, click on your blog, and look for this function in the lower right hand corner:


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February 01, 2006

Upload Recommendations

Hello! I have some words of advice for those of you that use UThink to upload large audio or video files. First of all, it is recommended that you upload anything over 5MB on campus. On campus upload speeds are much faster than anything you can get from an off-campus connection. We have also heard reports that uploads from off campus are timing out. So while we look into that, again, I would suggest doing large uploads from an on-campus connection.

In addition, in my own tests I have found that Firefox is the best browser for uploading purposes, Mac or PC. This is especially true if you have the Firefox extension Fasterfox which allows the browser to exceed RFC specs for server connections. Firefox is free to download and install and works well with Movable Type.

As always, please let me know if you have any difficulties with the uploading files. We are looking into ways to improve this functionality.

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