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August 04, 2006

Happy 40,000th Entry!

As far as I can tell, the 40,000th published entry on UThink happened at 8:12 this morning and is an entry called "Friday Random Top 10 (NYC Version)" from a relatively new blog Lost Forest After Dark. There is no prize for being the 40,000th entry, unfortunately, except for the knowledge that you are forever a part of UThink history. Congratulations!

There have been a lot of great blogs to come and go through UThink in the 2.5 years the service has been active. Here is a list of just a few of the blogs that had an impact on the system:

  • Oil is for Sissies -- since September 2004 this blog has tried to convince all of us of the benefits of living a car free life. One of the more popular blogs, Oil is for Sissies has more comments than any other blog on the system.
  • Coffee Grounds -- a political blog with a New Zealand perspective. The blog's author is also a long distance runner with some obvious skills in that department.
  • Mr. Cheer or Die's Viking Underground -- a now defunct blog (come back Mr. COD!) this Viking blog was not only the most popular blog on UThink, it was also the most popular Viking blog in the country.
  • Schwitzer health news blog -- Written by Gary Schwitzer, a U of M Journalism professor, this blog provides important criticism of health related journalism in the media today.
  • DuVernois Blog -- a link blog written by a Physics and Astronomy professor, this blog has more entries than any other on the UThink system, as well as some fascinating links to read!
  • Live Alive -- Another biking related blog, Live Alive's author wrote in his blog everyday for over two years, almost without fail. An amazing accomplishment and some very thought provoking posts.
  • if I were ... -- if you want news on the Twin Cities music scene, this is a good blog to check out. This author is pretty "in tune." Get it? "In tune?" I slay myself sometimes!
  • Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast -- written by a PhD candidate in the Department of Family Social Science, this blog has probably my favorite name for a blog on the UThink system. Read the blog to find out where it comes from!
  • School of Public Health Lectures -- more and more blogs on UThink are beginning to podcast, and this blog is one of the blogs leading the way. Remember, with UThink you get unlimited space and 30 MB 65 MB per uploaded file.
  • U of M Moment -- the first podcast on the UThink system, the U of M Moment highlights radio spots about the U of M daily broadcast on MPR.
  • FamiLee Life -- written by Richard Lee, a professor in the Psychology Department, FamiLee Life as some great posts on adoption, academic life, and race and culture.
  • Generation Bob -- a humorous blog with a truly unique perspective on the world. Read it for a good laugh.
  • Rachel's Spot -- the queen of vlogging on the UThink system is Rachel's Spot. Rachel's Spot focuses on women in hip hop, and her videos are very, very cool. Rachel also recently wrote a great post on why she loves to blog. Check it out!

These are just some of the thousands of blogs on UThink that have helped the Libraries retain the history and cultural memory of the Unviersity of Minnesota. I literally could go on and on. Of course, compared to services like MySpace, LiveJournal, or Blogger, UThink is relatively small, but I hope that it is a worthwhile community for those of you that have decided to join and give it a try. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service (and find the time to actually make those improvements a reality) and I am very interested in any suggestions you might have. Just drop me a line at

I will now leave you, again, with what is still my favorite post of all time on the UThink system:

Nibbled to death by small geese

I can't wait for the next 40,000 entries! Thanks everyone!

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