Broadcast Company Sued Over Water-Drinking Contest

The civil trial resulting from a radio station contest-gone-wrong will begin Aug. 31, when Entercom Communications Corp. will attempt to defend itself against multiple wrongful-death and emotional distress claims.

The lawsuits are a result of the death of Jennifer Strange, who died after competing in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest.  The January 2007 competition, which was hosted by one of Entercom's radio stations based in Sacramento, called on contestants to drink 8-ounce bottles of water every ten minutes.  Strange reportedly died from water intoxication. 

The three other contestants have reported anxiety attacks and an irrational fear of bottled water.  Entercom alleges that the other contestant's claims only started after Strange's death and questions their legitimacy. 

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Another Twitter Lawsuit - Sign of a Potential Trend?

Another lawsuit involving an allegedly defamatory tweet has been filed, this time in Cook County.  The suit was filed by Horizon Group Management against Amanda Bonnen, a Chicago woman living in one of their apartment properties. 

 According to the lawsuit, Amanda Bonnen wrote, "Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you?  Horizon really thinks it's ok."

 If Horizon wins the over $50,000 in damages it has requested, this case could be a harbinger of new standards for the micro-blogosphere.

Love is Still at It ...

Click here to see Courtney Love's latest defamatory Twitter posts.  The reference to the "horrific hag that stole my clothes" if presumably a reference to Boudoir Queen, the plaintiff in the defamation suit currently pending against Love. 

La Russa Pulls Twitter Lawsuit

Tony La Russa, manager for the St. Louis Cardinals, has dropped his messy lawsuit against Twitter.  La Russa filed suit over an impersonator who tweeted under the name TonyLaRussa and used his picture, charging that imposter was "tastelessly using his name and image" and damaging La Russa's trademark rights to his name. 

Could this failed attempt at a lawsuit encourage even more Twitter users to impersonate celebrities? 

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Hawaii's New Shield Law May Be Invoked

According to the Associated Press, a documentary filmmaker in Hawaii may be the first person to invoke the state's new shield law.  Will the absolute privilege granted to newsgatherers stand up?


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Courtney Love Twitter Defamation Case

Check out the First Amended Complaint filed by Dawn Simorangkir's (Boudoir Queen) attorneys in Los Angeles.  Love's high-profile defamation case is one of the first to involve Twitter, and will probably not be the last.  

New design launched using Movable Type

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