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Welcome to PSTL1251, World History Since 1500

WWelcome to Blog Page. Glad you are checking out the blog page for my course, World History Since 1500. I enjoy teaching this class since it changes every time that it is offered. The two basic references for the class is the textbook and today's newspaper. That is why I used the phrase "then and now" in the title of this blog page. While we may talk about events hundreds of years ago in other countries, we will work hard to connect them to you. We travel fast in this class since we will spin around the world over the past 500 years. We will focus on the big picture and the major forces at work that shaped history.

This course examines the ideas that influenced the development of global, political, social, and economic systems during the past five centuries. This course explores civilizations of the world, by placing historical events, customs and cultures in a global context. The first two-thirds of the course address the period from 1500 C.E. to 1945 C.E. while the last third focuses on the period since World War II. The course informs students about non-western societies prior to the impact of European expansion and traces the effects of European contact on those societies over time. The course develops major concepts such as nationalism, colonialism, liberalism, socialism, communism, and fascism while tracing their impact on Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The last five weeks of the course focus on the period from World War II to the present. This emphasis provides most of the relevant historical background to current ethnic conflicts, the breakup of the Soviet Union, the modernization of Japan, China, and India, Arab/Israeli disputes, nation building in Africa, neo-colonialism and trade dependence in developing countries.

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