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(S1.E3.) Chapter 22, WWI and Communist Revolution

World War One and the Communist Revolution. Greetings. Welcome to a review of Chapter 22 that focused on World War I and the Communist Revolution. You can listen to the podcast through subscribing to it through iTunes. Use the search words "Arendale" or "Then and Now" to locate the podcast. Then click on the "subscribe" button when the podcast page appears. The other method is to click on the following link Download file and you can directly download the file to your computer and listen to it there.

The Beginning of the 20th Century Crisis: War & Revolution. The Age of Progress, as the period from 1870-1914 had been called, lulled the people of Europe into believing that mankind had evolved to the brink of ultimate happiness, security, wealth and peace. Within this period had also developed, however, rising militant nationalism, secret alliances, and a massive arms race. The slaughter and destruction of the First World War shattered the illusions of Europeans and the world. This was the first total war, which engulfed the resources and populations of entire nations, and the war ushered in the idea of strong central governments that restricted civil liberties in the name of national security. The doubts and uncertainties revealed by the war also gave rise to revolutionary changes in Russia and the Middle East. The peace that followed proved a failure and served more as a temporary lull in the fighting. Economic catastrophe led to the rise of totalitarian governments and then a second world war. In addition, Europe lost its power to control world affairs; colonial peoples no longer looked to Europe to provide leadership.

Check these sites out if you want to learn more about the topics
For a guided tour through the art of World War I, visit http://www.art-ww1.com/gb/visite.htmlFor more information on the League of Nations, visit http://history.acusd.edu/gen/ww2timeline/1919league2.html
To listen to speeches of the First World War, visit http://www.authentichistory.com/audio/ww1/ww1speeches01.html

Jason selected several songs for my podcast. They are Mince Meat and Sofa King by DANGERDOOM. Their record label they work under is Epitaph records. Artist named Danger Mouse and MF DOOM brought this album, The Mouse and the Mask, together thus creating DANGERDOOM. Cartoons played on adult swim that is played on the Cartoon Network late at night inspired this album. Some of the cartoons that inspired this album are Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021 and Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law. The reason why I chose these songs is because, like we learned in class the media, TV shows, and music have a big affect on society these days. Like the lecture in class we had naming shows that played a long time ago to present day shows, these artist were inspired and affected by what they saw on TV and in this case, these cartoons, to make their music, thus creating another type of entertainment that has a high affect on society. Web Site: http://epitaph.com/artists/artist/197/

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