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(S1.E6.) Chapter 24: World War Two

World War Two. Greetings. This week's episode is focused on World War II. You can download the episode and listen to it through the iTunes software by clicking on the following link. Download file As we discussed in class, chapter 24 is closely connected with World War I in chpater 22 and chpater 23 which looks at the connections between WWI and WWII

The crisis deepens: World War Two. The peace that had ended World War I left both Germany and Japan dissatisfied; they resented the favorable economic position gained by their rivals, primarily Britain, France and the United States. Germany and Japan were willing to risk another war to improve their economic fortunes and gain power. Democratic governments in both nations soon succumbed to the more powerful militant forces. In Europe Hitler unleashed the force of a revitalized Germany against her neighbors – determined to gain living space, resources and markets that would cement Germany's position as the dominant European, if not world, power. In Asia, Japan attempted to take advantage of internal Chinese turmoil to seize mastery of the Far East. Japanese aggression also brought her into conflict with the United States. World War II is the most destructive war in human history, both in terms of human loss and property destruction. A new level of political and military ruthlessness and cruelty had been born; over fifty million people worldwide lost their lives and many nations lay in rubble. The consequences of the conflict changed the world. The old European balance of power had been eliminated; instead two superpowers had been born from the conflict. The superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, soon were at odds over the future of the postwar world, and they entered into a Cold War. While Europe, as well as Japan would recover, European hegemony in the world had been eliminated.

Check these sites out if you want to learn more about the topics
To learn more about the invasion of Normandy, visit http://search.eb.com/normandy/For more on the Marshall Plan and the aftermath of World War II, visit http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/marshall/To visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on line, visit http://www.ushmm.org/
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