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(S1.E2.) Learning Strategy and Technology Tips

Learning and Technology Tips. Greetings. Click on the following web link to listen to a short ten minute audio file that Brian and Erik created for you. The file provides provides some suggestions for preparing for the exam and getting more familiar with computer technology. Here is another copy of the same file. Just click on the link and the audio file should begin to play authomatically. If you have the free iTunes software installed on your computer (available at http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/). It is a large file (over 4 megabytes), so it will be best if you are on a computer that is connected to a LAN, broadband, cable modem connection. If you are trying to listen to the file through the free telephone dialup modem, it may take a long time.

The file will automatically begin playing after it is downloaded. You have a choice to "open" it immediately, or "save" it to your harddrive. I suggest that you just open the file and not clutter up your harddrive wilth this large file. If you don’t have iTunes, hopefully another media player on your computer will open the file and begin to play it. The file is only about 10 minutes long. I highly recommend it. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/arend011/pstl1251/InfoCast.m4a
Download file

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