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(S1.E11.) Special Podcast: Music from Latin America

Latin American Music. Greetings. This is another of our special podcasts that focuses on music from around the world. Listening to music is another way to explore world history since it is a medium for transmitting and expressing cultural values and identities. Click on the following link to immediately download the file. Download file If you have already subvscribed this podcast, it will be automatically downloaded soon.

Kiersten from the Monday/Wednesday class has focused on music from Latin America. She drew the music from independent music artists who place sample pieces on the podsafemusicnetwork. She selected three music artists. Click on the artists' name to visit their home web sites.
1. Antonin Bastian playing Tu Cha Cha Cha
2. Carne Cruda playing Aguamaia
3. The Latino Projekt playing La Verdad and Timba Timbero

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