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(S1.E7.) Special Podcast: Music from Japan

Music from Japan. Greetings. This is one of several special podcasts that features music from other countries. Just as we have focused on understanding historical events from around the world, this special series is an opportunity to expand your music appreciation through exploring music from different countries.

Susan from our class put together this mix of music. While the lyrics are in Japanese, I hope that everyone will sample the music regardless of your expertise in the language. Susan provides introductory and concluding comments on either side of the seven songs from the band M7. Click on the followinig link to download the podcast to your computer Download file If you are already subscribed to the Then and Now podcast, the program will automatically be downloaded. If you want to subscribe, just click on the link in the right hand column if you have already downloaded the iTunes software to your computer.

For more information about the group M7 (EM-NANA). click on this link.

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David Arendale and the rest of the Then and Now Podcast Team