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(S1.E9.) Special Podcast: Music from South Africa

South African Music. Welcome to another special podcast in Then and Now. The music for this episode was selected by Sarah from the world history course. All five music selections are from artists in South Africa. The episode will be automatically downloaded to your computer if you already have subscribed to the Then and Now podcast. To immediately download the file, click on the following web link, Download file

The five selctions features in the podcast are below. They are all available through the Fresh Music recording label in South Africa. Other music from this recording label is available through the Podsafemusicnetwork web site.
1." Seaworld" - Naked
2. "Neo Mauanga " - Nha Hashe
3. "Dragg" - One
4. "RSL" - Elungelo
5. "Freedom" - Citris

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