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(S2.E5.) Chapter 22: World War I and the Communist Revolution

World War One and the Communist Revolution. Welcome to another episode of Then and Now: World History Since 1500. You can subscribe to the podcast series by clicking on the button in the right hand column. You can also listen to just this episode by clicking on the following web link.Download file

The Beginning of the 20th Century Crisis: War & Revolution. The Age of Progress, as the period from 1870-1914 had been called, lulled the people of Europe into believing that mankind had evolved to the brink of ultimate happiness, security, wealth and peace. Within this period had also developed, however, rising militant nationalism, secret alliances, and a massive arms race. The slaughter and destruction of the First World War shattered the illusions of Europeans and the world. This was the first total war, which engulfed the resources and populations of entire nations, and the war ushered in the idea of strong central governments that restricted civil liberties in the name of national security. The doubts and uncertainties revealed by the war also gave rise to revolutionary changes in Russia and the Middle East. The peace that followed proved a failure and served more as a temporary lull in the fighting. Economic catastrophe led to the rise of totalitarian governments and then a second world war. In addition, Europe lost its power to control world affairs; colonial peoples no longer looked to Europe to provide leadership.

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