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(S2.E6.) Chapter 23: Nationalism, revolution, & dictatorships in Africa, Asia, Latin America between 1919-1934

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Nationalism, revolution, & dictatorships in Africa, Asia, Latin America Between 1919-1934. With the destruction of World War I, European hegemony over the world weakened. This weakening sparked social and political disruptions around the world and fed growing nationalism. China stumbled towards the creation of a modern nation-state, but was divided between two views – Nationalists and Communists. While the Nationalists gained the upper hand prior to World War II, the two groups had to work together to fight their common enemies, and the worldwide depression nixed efforts to create an industrialized economy. In Latin America economic weakness and the dependence of many nations upon foreign investments, particularly from the United States, fed growing militant nationalism. Authoritarian governments rose to the power in several nations in an effort to force economic reform. The dismantling of the old Ottoman Empire changed the map of the Middle East as well. A smaller, secularized Turkey was born, as well as the states of Saudi Arabia and Palestine. Throughout Africa and Asia, nationalist movements gained momentum. In India, Gandhi's nonviolent protests helped weaken British control. In other areas of Asia communist-led movements attempted more radical means of throwing off the colonial yoke. In Japan, the path to modernization and acceptance as a world power continued although with increasingly militant tones.

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