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(S2.E10.) Special: Interview with Islamic Imam

Special: Interview with Islamic Imam. Welcome to another episode of Then and Now: World History Since 1500. You can subscribe to the podcast series by clicking on the button in the right hand column. You can also listen to just this episode by clicking on the following web link Download file

This special podcast provides an interview with Hassan Mohamud who is an Imam with a local Islamic mosque. Mr. Mohamud is also an Asjuct Professor of Law with William Mitchell College of Law. The short interview provides some helpful insights from him regarding the Islamic faith and its relationship with U.S. culture. He mentions two web sites that are useful for people who want to learn more about the Islamic fairth: (a) Islam Online, http://islamonline.net and (b) Islamic Finder, http://islamicfinder.net

The music for the podcast comes from the Monterey International Pop Festival, a famous music concert following Woodstock. The featured tracks are "Shake" by Otis Redding and "For what it's worth" by Buffalo Springfield. Both of these artists were major music forces during the 1960s and the songs were classics both then and even now.

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