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(S2.E18.) Panel: Significant Events During War in the 20th Century

Panel Discussion of Significant Events During War in the 20th Century. Welcome to another episode of Then and Now: World History Since 1500. You can subscribe to the podcast series by clicking on the button in the right hand column. You can also listen to just this episode by clicking on the following web link
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The podcast explores the impact of individual events that occurred during a war on the eventual outcome and also on public reaction in the United States. The topics explored in the panel discussion included: the D-Day Invasion during World War Two and three panelists investigated the Mai Lai Massacre during the Vietnma War..

This podcast is based on a student panel discussion in one of the history courses this semester. Each of the students had completed a paper on a history topic of their choice for a writing course which was paired with this world history course. I grouped the students into small groups of three to five students on a similar topic. The goal was to share highlights from their papers and to develop connections among the papers and with the larger context of U.S. history in which they took place.

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