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(S3.E6.) Chpt 18: Modernization: Industrialization and Nationalism

Chpt 18: Beginning of Modernization: Industrialization and Nationalism, 1800-1870. Welcome to another episode of Then and Now: World History Since 1500. You can subscribe to the podcast series by clicking on the button in the right hand column. You can also listen to just this episode by clicking on the following web link, Download file

The podcast provides an overview of the modern world by examining both industrialization and nationalism in Europe. The economic and political changes during this time period will shape Europe and the ways that region interacts with the rest of the world.

In addition to a review of the chapter, listen to the music selected by one of the students in the class: Atlas, "Man on Fire" and Enzo, "Night Clubbin" A web site to learn more about Atlas is http://atlasonoline.com

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