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(S6.E3.) World War Two: Rebroadcast History Podcasts


This episode focuses on World War Two. This podcast goes deeper into the subject than was explored in the class or the textbook. Special permission has been granted by other history podcasters to rebroadcast selected episodes from their series. The first one in this episode is the first speech given by Sir Winston Churchil to the British Parliment when he assumed leadership of the country at the beginning of the war. The episode comes from the Great Speeches in History Podcast. This rare audio recording presents not only his words, but also his intensity and force of character. The second podcast is provided by Matts Today in History Podcast. Matt provides a clear analysis of the use of the atomic bomb at the end of the war and the justification for its use. Listeners of this podcast are encouraged to subscribe to their series. I certainly enjoy their podcast episodes and hope you will too.

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