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(S6.E8.) USSR History Indepth: Rebroadcast Podcast

USSR History Indepth: Rebroadcast Podcast

Greetings. This episode features a rebroadcast of a podcast originally disrtributed by Great Speeches inn History. It is a recording of President Ronald Reagan's speech given in Berlin where he called upon the Soviet leaders to "tear down this wall." He called upon them to eliminate the wall that separated East and West Berlin. The wall served as a symbol of the separation between the democratic countries and those contolled by the Soviets. The wall did eventually come down as the USSR collapsed during the presidency of George Bush Senior who succeeded President Reagan.

Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast Great Speeches in History. It is available through iTunes as a free subscription. We are grateful to the podcasters for granting special permission to rebroadcast selected episodes.

You can download and listen to this podcast episode by licking the following link to download this episode. It will begin playing on the default media player on your computer. If it plays through the iTunes player, it will download into the music library. (S6.E8) USSR History Indepth.m4a

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