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(S6.E19.) Chpt 15 Middle East Since World War Two

The Middle East Since World War Two

This podcast episode focuses on changes and challenges inside the Middle East since the end of World War Two. The discovery of oil in the early 1900s drew the interest, interference, and interaction with industrialized countries form around the world. In addition to the economic competition for the dwindling natural resource of oil, the creation of Israel and lack of accomodations for the Palestians by the United Nations has led to continuing turmoil in this region that involves countries from around the world. The music featured at the end of the podcast focuses on working people, especially those in factory life.

You can download and listen to this podcast episode by licking the following link to download this episode. It will begin playing on the default media player on your computer. (S6.E19.) Middle East Since World War Two.m4a

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