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(S7.E9.) Podcast Rebroadcast, WWI: Battle of the Meuse

WWI: The Battle of the Meuse

This special episode is a rebroadcast of one created by Prof. Bob Packett of "History according to Bob" podcast. Prof. Packett's podcast is one of the most popular independent shows. We are grateful that he provided permission to rebroadcast these two episodes that focus on the Battle of the Meuse. Towards the end of WWI, the battle featured the U.S. troops. You are encouraged to subscribe to Prof. Packett's podcast through iTunes. His main web site is http://www.summahistorica.com/ He also has a website devoted to more information about World War One at http://ww1accordingtobob.com

You can download and listen to this podcast episode by licking the following link to download this episode. It will begin playing on the default media player on your computer. (S7.E9.) Chpt 4 Podcast Rebroadcast, Battle of the Meuse.m4a

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