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Introduction to Blog

This blog is a forum designed to provide a "hands-on" space for students to discuss the impact of the three major forms of inequalities in the United States today: race, class, gender/sexuality. This will help us to get a good working of these social forces conceptually, institutionally and in terms of the everyday realities of life in the U.S. We will be focusing on these inequalities as relatively autonomous, as interconnected, and as deeply embedded and intertwined.

In order to grasp these concepts and get the most out of this class, we strongly encourage students to discuss these questions and issues with each other through this blog. AS always, be respectful and courteous of each others opinions and questions. Issues of race, class, and/or gender can spark passionate responses, so please remember that this blog is an extension of class, and the same rules that govern classroom etiquette are applied here. We look forward to reading your posts. Happy blogging!